Beverly Hills Real Estate Information

West of the main city of Los Angeles is the extraordinarily prominent neighborhood of Beverly Hills. As showcased on many hit television shows and movies, this highly esteemed community is well known, and home to some of the best real estate in the Los Angeles area. Behind the luxurious exterior in this area, is a rich history that colors the character of this area.

The area of Beverly Hills was discovered by a land expedition during the 18th century, and started out as a large property for a very small family. During the 19th century, the land changed hands many times eventually becoming an oil drilling region. Beverly Hills became especially prominent during the early 20th century as the plots of land being sold on this area gave any property owners a canvas for the home of their dreams. Many buildings began construction, and by mid-century many magnificent housing projects were taking root.

Nowadays, Beverly Hills is best known for the great shopping it offers. The best known area is Rodeo Drive, whose construction was completed during the 90s. Also during this decade, the Beverly Hills Civic Center was also completed, giving the area a center for all its public events and a home for its history. There are many public and community events held throughout the year, such as the Pie Bake contest and Cooking for Kids every Sunday. A number of musicians enjoy performing in this neighborhood, and many events in the city have live music available.

Beverly Hills is part of the Beverly Hills Unified School District, which includes four elementary schools, one high school, and a special education school. Beverly Hills High School has many prominent alumni, ranging from actors to musicians and prominent scientists. There are also a number of private schools in the area and the University of California: Los Angeles is in close-proximity to this area.

Beverly Hills is right in the middle of everything available in Los Angeles County. If looking to venture out of the neighborhood on the weekends, Los Angeles is only 10 miles away by car. The ocean is only 10 miles away in the opposite direction. Along the coast, any adventurers can visit Santa Monica, Venice Beach and any other beach that calls this shore home.

Beverly Hills is a fantastic neighborhood that has much to offer in entertainment and for families as well. Property owners will find themselves thrilled with all the exciting activities that keep this neighborhood entertaining and lively throughout the passing days.