Brentwood Real Estate Information

West of Los Angeles center is the district of Brentwood, located at the base of the Santa Monica Mountains. While far away from the center of the city, this region of town has access to all of its best parts while having a little flavor of its own. Real estate brings residents here close to the city, the sea, and the mountains that frame the horizon.

This area of Los Angeles began as part of a Spanish ranch prior to the Mexican-American War. For a short while, the area was filled with soybeans and avocados, and was called Westgate for a short time. Nowadays, Brentwood is considered a part of the luxury communities located near downtown Los Angeles. Brentwood is only 15 miles away from greater Los Angeles and only five miles away from the coastline.
Brentwood is full of traditions and activities throughout the year. Some of these include decorating the coral trees annually for the holiday season as well as setting up a Maypole during the year. The moderate climate found in this area of the city makes outdoor activities a must for residents in the area. In fact, there are a few outdoor recreation spots available in the area, such as the Brentwood Country Club and the Barrington Recreation Center. At the recreation center, tennis courts and basketball courts are just a few of the features accessible in this area.

Like many Los Angeles neighborhoods, Brentwood falls under the Los Angeles Unified School District. Schools in the district that are close to this area include the Kenter Canyon Elementary School, Brockton Avenue Elementary School, and the Pacific Palisades Elementary school. As with many Los Angeles neighborhoods, many of the schools cater to elementary aged children. Despite this, there are a few high schools nearby, such as University High School, named for the University of California: Los Angeles campus that is close to this neighborhood. There are also a few private schools in the area that families may be interested in.

Brentwood is far removed enough from the city to have a serene and quiet life in while being close enough to the action. Nature’s bounty is scattered around this area while mixing with the magnificently developed land in this part of Los Angeles.