Pacific Palisades Real Estate Information

Located in the farthest reaches of the Los Angeles county limits is the Pacific Palisades neighborhood. Unlike many of the neighborhoods in the Los Angeles area, skyscrapers and buildings do not line the streets. Instead, this affluent neighborhood is primarily residential and filled with a mix homes that are sure to cater to anyone searching for real estate in this area.

Pacific Palisades began as just a few plots of land between the mountains and the ocean. The land in this area was primarily used for cultivating plants and raising animals. The small community that began forming in this region had its name proposed by the First Methodist Church of Pasadena. Since then, the community has been growing, expanding beyond a simple market to numerous restaurants and shops.

The best features of the Pacific Palisades region are not its many shops and restaurants, but the natural beauty that surrounds this area. There is a number of hiking trails available in this area, such as the Los Liones trail and the Temescal Canyon Trail. Because of the soaring mountains that frame the city, adventurous hikers will enjoy a feast for the eyes at the peak of their hikes. There are a number of outdoor events hosted in this region such as the annual Village Fair as well as the Polo Tournament. Each year, the community hosts a 4th of July Parade. This popular parade has been lucky to have celebrities as its Grand Marshal during celebrations.

Both public and private schools are found in this neighborhood. Many of the private schools in this neighborhood are religiously affiliated, such as the Saint Matthew’s Episcopal School and the Corpus Christi Catholic School. Most of the schools in this area are for elementary aged children, as there are only three high schools within the neighborhood.

Property in the Pacific Palisades area is very community oriented and perfect for those looking for a great place to raise a family. This community located far from the city is anything but quiet and any property owners will definitely be pleased with the community spirit that permeates the atmosphere of this place.