Santa Monica Real Estate Information

Located on the western reaches of Los Angeles is Santa Monica. This beautiful neighborhood is nestled along the coast and is close to the eponymous mountain range that borders the northern half of the city. Real estate here guarantees residents some of the best views of both the city and sea while offering them all the luxuries associated with an extremely urban city and a beautiful seaside town.

People have been settling around and exploring this area since the middle of the 18th century. After the Mexican- American War, California became part of the United States, along with Santa Monica. Because of its location on the shore, it became a stop along a railroad stop, causing it to grow into a bustling city filled with amusement rides, restaurants and shops. Even as its development hit some bumps along the road, it has been growing ever since.

Those living in Santa Monica will never run out of activities to do throughout the year. This neighborhood is home to the Third Street Promenade, which is a major shopping district in this area and the Santa Monica Museum of Art. Aside from this gallery, however, there are many art exhibits on display throughout the year. Santa Monica also has its own National Historic Landmark, the Santa Monica Hippodrome. Some of the activities that are held here throughout the year are the Santa Monica Film Festival, and the many games hosted by the Santa Monica Rugby Club.

Santa Monica is a community actively working more involvement and education. There are several programs during the months that educate citizens who choose to join about the unique Santa Monica culture. On weekends, residents can visit one of the four certified Farmer’s Markets scattered across the town, or visit the lovely beach that this neighborhood calls home.

Property here is a great investment for all sorts of reasons. Not only do the owners get beautiful and unblocked views of the ocean, but also have quick access to downtown Los Angeles. The culture in this district is vibrant and rich, and promises to keep residents on their feet throughout the year.