Venice Real Estate Information

Along the coastline of southern California is the neighborhood of Venice. Just 15 miles away from the center of Los Angeles is this unique and fascinating seaside community. Along with the beaches here are many canals that run alongside the streets, adding to this community’s artistic charm. Real estate here promises to be both distinctive and enjoyable.

Venice began as a small settlement in the early 19th century, where the primary industry was fishing. When gold was discovered in this area, many people began flocking to the coast, changing the dynamic of this once quiet fishing village. The area encompassing Venice was once called Ocean Park, and it began construction in 1905. Despite its very similar appearance to the Italian city, many people found that the beach had more appeal than the small canals. The name was officially changed to Venice in 1911, and has been growing since then.

From a small fishing community, Venice has certainly grown and changed. Roads were paved over the canals, and the area is most popular for its many surrounding shops and restaurants. If looking to spend time away from the beach, Venice has a few galleries and theaters within its limits.

Most especially prominent, however is the Ocean Front Walk, which has been seen in many movies since its construction. This is also a very popular place for many residents to hang out, as there are a number of beach volleyball courts and basketballs in the area. It is common to see people walking around in Venice, as some streets are much too narrow for the maneuvering of cars. Also famous is Muscle Beach, known for the many body builders and actors who sometimes train in this area. There are also a few spas and gyms in the area for those like to keep their bodies in top shape.

While only stretched out over three miles of the very long southern Californian shore, Venice is certainly packed with many activities that residents will enjoy while living in the area. Properties here keep owners close to the on-goings of this extremely lively urban seaside community.