West Los Angeles Real Estate Information

West Los Angeles is part of the region in this city referred to as Westside. It started off in the 20th century as bean and wheat fields, and eventually evolving to include nurseries and orchards. Since then, however, it has become one of the most affluent areas in Los Angeles. Properties in this area allow access to all parts of Los Angeles, from the energetic and commercial city life to the quiet beach life available on shore.

Because of the central location of this neighborhood, many major roadways and areas are accessible from this spot. These roadways include Olympic Boulevard, Santa Monica Boulevard, and Sawtelle Boulevard. These are perfect especially for those who are looking to commute to the main parts of the city via bus or car. This access makes it easy to get to the schools in the area, which includes schools that are part of the Los Angeles Unified School District as well as a number of private schools, such as the Notre Dame Academy Girls High School.

Because of the major roads in and out of this area, it is easy to visit downtown Los Angeles or the coast. From West Los Angeles to Santa Monica, it is only a five mile distance. To get into the city, it is thirteen miles along the Santa Monica Freeway. Of course, there are a number of alternate routes, but with so many thoroughfares, it will never be a problem.

This residential community has many commercial aspects because of its location to the city, with a number of great restaurants and shops in the area for residents to enjoy. There are also a number of outdoor places to visit, such as Westwood Park and Stoner Park. Because the University of California: Los Angeles is near the neighborhood, it is possible to visit the many gardens that make their home on the grounds of this university. Real Estate in West Los Angeles is a great investment for those with families. It is close to a number of excellent schools and close to many of the main business districts in Los Angeles. By purchasing a property here, owners can guarantee they will be able to explore all of Los Angeles efficiently.